This week’s Starting Lineup and the first Healthy Lifestyle Challenge Update!

My Starting Lineup is a feature where I announce my upcoming blog posts as part incentive to check back later in the week and part motivational tool to keep me writing. Have an idea you’d like added to the Starting Lineup? Feel free to submit a suggestion below.



First up: Health Challenge Update #1!

So last week I proposed a Healthy Eating Challenge. I did so because I had just wrote about the importance of nutrition to…well everyone really, but especially those of us with psoriasis.

Within days I wished I had proposed a Healthy Lifestyle challenge and here’s why:

  1. I’ve recently been too inactive and wondered if that’s contributed to some health scares in the last year.
  2. Losing weight can help your P and to lose weight you should also include exercise in your plan.
  3. Our beautiful BC coast has been enjoying some amazing sunny summer like weather lately so why not get out and enjoy it more.


So, from this day forward it shall be known as the 8 Week Healthy Living Challenge (or HLC)!

If you missed last week’s post, I have been tracking everything I eat or drink to be accountable to you all.

For the HLC I am also tracking any additional activity added to my day. I don’t wear one of those step counters, I just Google map any walks or runs I take out and about instead of driving or taking a bus. Just back to basics stuff because I don’t have the time or money for gym memberships.

But you want to know… has it been working?

This morning I stepped on to the scales (nervously) and was surprised by the results. Here they are:

First here’s Day 1:

  • Weight – 207.6 lbs
  • Chest – 42.3 inches
  • Midsection – 43 inches
  • Blood pressure – 130 / 74
  • Pulse – 69 bpm

Then there’s This morning:

  • Weight – 202.0 lbs   (-5.6lbs Wow!)
  • Chest – 42.0″     (-0.3″)
  • Midsection – 42.5″     (-0.5″)
  • Blood pressure – 132 / 77     (+2/+3)
  • Pulse – 70 bpm     (+1)


That’s pretty sweet! A measurable improvement in weight and body dimensions in just 1 week. I mean that’s a 2.7% reduction in weight without ever feeling deprived!

I threw the BP and Heart rate numbers in there to see how the long term trends start to look but I am keeping in mind that they are highly variable. For instance, though I am using 132/77 as the official measurement a few minutes later it registered as 123/77.

(No, that’s not me being dyslexic, that is just an example of how much it can swing)

As promised, here is a page to view all of my food and fitness choices since Day 1 that have helped me reach these results. When you see the ways I did well in my commitment to health as well as the cheat foods…well, just be kind.



On with the Starting Lineup!

Uh…. Yeah, so about last week’s starting lineup, let’s review how I did:

  1. I want to research and share a summary of the main pharmaceutical treatment options for psoriasis. FAIL – But I’m close! I’m putting a lot of time into this one because I really want to do it justice.
  2. I want to pick one natural or alternative treatment method for psoriasis and share what I have learned and/or what others have said about it. FAIL – Have a few ideas, but still needs work.
  3. I want to try blogging either a new recipe or share an old favorite. I’m thinking Mexican but we’ll have to see. ACCOMPLISHED – Mmm! Guacamole!
  4. I’ve been toying around with a post about why it’s hard being a Canucks fan. Hopefully I can get that finished this week. FAIL – Honestly I just find myself a bit numb when it comes to the Canucks right now. Here’s hoping the (eventual) draft and free agency gets me jazzed up again…


So this week’s Starting Lineup… is to actually accomplish last week’s posts.

Let’s see what this week brings!


– Scratch


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