About Mr Healthy Scratch

Mr Healthy Scratch is a pen name I’ve taken on to allow me to dive into blogging about things I otherwise might not share.

But why Healthy Scratch?

As I wrote about in my first post Welcome, I want to write about the things that are really on my mind right now. Things that I am going through. Goals for how I want to change. Conversations I want to have with all of you.

Things like:

Psoriasis – for those of you who have or know someone who has this disease, the Healthy Scratch moniker maybe makes sense. The itch can be pretty constant. Some times there’s nothing like a healthy scratch.

Money – I live in one of the most expensive markets in the world. Money and debt is just about always on my mind. I plan on getting honest about spending and budgets and setting up some goals to get out of debt and finally end up with a healthy amount of scratch in the bank.

Healthy eats – if you are what you eat,then I guess it’s no wonder I’ve been feeling like crap. No more. I want to aim to make healthier food choices and go easier on my wallet and my waist by learning to make good food at home. From scratch.

Hockey – I am Canadian! It may be a stereotype, but yes I say sorry when there’s no logical reason that I could be at fault and yes, I love hockey. But as you read my posts you will see that I don’t feel like I have always been living to the fullest. In hockey, a healthy scratch is the guy that sits it out and just watches the game. I don’t want to be that guy anymore. I want to push myself to not just watch this game called life, but to dive in.

Thanks again for dropping by. I hope you will dive in with me and join the team.

Mr Healthy Scratch