Announcing this week’s Starting Lineup

So I launched this blog Friday with my first post, Welcome, and in that post I wrote about the kinds of things that have been on my mind: psoriasis, hockey, healthy eating, and money stress. Great! So, what do you actually write about when you’re set up to write about anything?

To get moving forward again here’s my game plan.

Sundays I’m going to announce my Starting Lineup of blog posts for the week. This gives me a framework for what to focus on writing for the week. I’ll admit it could be a huge fail – life at the Scratch pad is pretty busy these days, but I work better under pressure so let’s bring it.

This week’s Starting Lineup:

– I want to share some more about my journey with psoriasis.

– I want to to take a moment to talk Canucks and the 2016 NHL entry draft

– I want to share my motivation for living a healthier life and post my first Scratch recipe for watching playoff hockey (don’t get your hopes up too high, I am not a fancy chef).

Thanks for coming on the journey.