Why I’m making a healthy eating challenge

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…

I am not a professional of any sort – medical, psychological or otherwise.

I’m just a guy with spots. Lots of spots. If you’re reading this, I’m guessing you can relate.

I’m on a mission to learn more about psoriasis and share with you. What I’ve learned – even just in the last year – about a condition I thought I knew like the back of my hand…and my face, neck, chest, and everywhere else I’ve been scratching all this time.

So I’m planning to get you up to speed on everything you maybe didn’t know about psoriasis so you can live healthy and happy.

First up?


Now I don’t do as well as I would like with healthy eating. I’ll eat really well and then pig out on junk food. Sometimes I get fast food because I haven’t planned ahead or feel too busy to cook. So I get that eating well consistently is hard. But I’m going to share about why I think it is so important

4 reasons why members of team P should watch what they eat:


1. Eating well could improve your skin

You are what you eat.

This saying is more true for my fellow scratchers than you may know. In fact, some members of team P report full clearance of their skin symptoms by changing their diet!

2. Eating well could help your weight

There are strong links between psoriasis and carrying extra weight. It’s possible we are predisposed to it, but as a guy who has seen his waist size grow over the last few years, here is a pattern that I’ve seen develop in my life:

  • Have a major breakout of psoriasis
  • Get down about how I look and feel crappy from the breakout.
  • Eat crappy because I feel crappy
  • Pack on a few pounds because I’m eating crappy and not active enough
  • Psoriasis flares even worse because I’m eating poorly, inactive, heavier than normal, and stressing over all of the above.

If it sounds like a downward cycle, that’s because it can be. But by eating healthy I believe you can take control of that cycle!

3. Eating well could reduce your risk of other diseases

Diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol are all diseases that experts say are impacted by our dietary choices amongst others.

4. Eating well could help you feel great

There is no “food hangover” from healthy fruits and veggies. When you’re eating right, you don’t pay for it the next day. I find when I eat well I feel great both physically and emotionally.

And if eating well also helps control your psoriasis and your weight, that seems like a win-win situation!



Is there a miracle diet?

My answer?


Some people say add “this” to your diet or avoid “that”. They say it “cured” their symptoms. I am going to write future posts on many of these dietary plans to let you decide, but I must say there are 2 main reasons that I am not going to advocate for any one of them right now:

  1. Lack of personal success
  2. Lack of conclusive evidence

Let’s address those 2 concerns:

1. Lack of personal success

Perhaps it seems strange that I have written this epic post about eating healthy when it “hasn’t cured” me. To that, I would say eating healthy with the sole purpose of healing your skin is missing the point! I am beginning to learn that improved skin clearance shouldn’t be the only goal – maybe not even a main goal.

Eating well to improve your overall health can help control weight and contribute to your overall sense of happiness and well-being as I wrote above. There are many other benefits including helping the environment and even your wallet. Make these benefits your main goal. And absolutely, celebrate if you see improvement in your skin at the same time but don’t give up if you don’t.

2. Lack of conclusive evidence

Look, if science proved that eating 10 cucumbers each day was a healthy and 100% effective way to see complete clearance of psoriasis I’d be down at the supermarket filling up a cart of the stuff. Every week. Wouldn’t you?

More research is still needed – both to show what methods are effective and to prove that they are safe for long term use. Smarter people than I are on the case however, so don’t lose hope.

(By the way, don’t Google that cucumber thing, I just made it up as a random example. To my knowledge, a diet consisting solely of cucumber would not help and would probably be unhealthy.)



So then, what do you mean by Healthy eating?

For me, it’s simple. I plan to limit the foods that I know to be less healthy and eat more of the ones I know to be good.

There is no “food hangover” from healthy fruits and veggies. When you’re eating right, you don’t pay for it the next day.

Looking for more expert opinion and being a patriotic Canadian, I went searching for what the government had to say. I found a funny cartoon commercial (my tax dollars at work???) and some helpful information.

Some key take aways?

  • Eat more healthy things like veggies, fish and lean meats and reduce or eliminate unhealthy things like candy, doughnuts, french fries, alcohol and soft drinks. (Common sense, right?)
  • Be careful with portion sizes and the proportions of the different types of food on your plate (the largest portion on your plate should be fruits and veggies).
  • The government even has Eat Well recipes to try to give you quick and healthy options to try.



My 8 week Mr Healthy Scratch food challenge

For the next 8 weeks, I commit to doing the following:

  • I will limit cheat foods like candy and chocolate as much as possible
  • I will keep a journal of everything I eat whether it’s good or bad
  • I will take weekly measurements to track if food impacts my weight
  • I will try to learn and share healthy meal ideas – cooking from scratch when possible

I believe by focusing on healthy eating that I will notice better energy, better mood, maybe even better skin (but that might be hard to distinguish from the treatment I’m receiving – more on that in the future too).

Point is, I feel that this is a good and necessary journey for me to go on. I hope by sharing it with you that you to will feel like you can take steps to change your health too.

Tomorrow will be the official starting “weigh in.”

Ugh… I’m off to eat a Snickers while I still can.

I’m kidding, I’m kidding…


Mr Healthy Scratch